For adults (ages 15 & up) we offer weekly Ballet classes and monthly workshops in Yoga and Aerial Arts. Our workshops are curated each month to provide a fun and unique opportunity to approach fitness in a whole new way. Regularly scheduled classes are listed on the Kids’ Schedule and Adult Schedule. 

Workshop Calendar

Workshop Descriptions

Aerial Pilates

Adult Intro to Aerial Workshop

This is an extended class (1.5 hours) for students new to aerial yoga. We will take our time learning some of the basic poses and getting comfortable off the ground at a slow pace. The last part of class will include restorative suspended poses. Aerial Yoga uses the silk hammock ...

Hula Workshop

Traditional hula is accompanied by beating of the gourd or drum in order to touch people’s lives though inspiration and the art of hula. Besides teaching the basics, the instructor will teach an ancient Tahitian hula “kahiko” that has a rhythmic and dynamic set of moves that will get us ...
Aerial Fitness for Kids - instructor helping child in hammock

Kid’s Aerial Workshop

This 1.5 hour workshop will introduce kids to fitness in a unique new way! Each hammock will be adjusted for the correct height of the child to ensure safety and proper technique.  In the closely-monitored, safe and encouraging environment the children will learn how to do flips, forward and backward ...
Adult ballet

Lift Dance (Adult Dance Fitness)

This class is unique to “LIFT” Studio and has been designed by Irina Cowles, Artistic Director of LIFT Dance, Fitness & Arts. This class is designed for those who simply can’t stay still when beautiful music is playing and those who have always wanted to learn dance.  All different styles ...


QiGong, part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the confluence of centuries of ancient Chinese practices. It is claimed to help promote body healing and prevention of diseases. The Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong supports the health concerns unique to women. You will learn dynamic yet gentle QiGong techniques such as acupressure, ...
salsa dancing workshop for couples

Salsa Workshop: Adult

Join our amazing Salsa Workshop! Whether it is your first time learning or you have danced for a long time, we have something for everyone. We have friendly dance instructors who create a friendly, professional, and fun environment. This workshop will last for 5 weeks and will be held on ...